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Supply Chain Management by PassPlus

In plant and mechanical engineering, we understand what matters. In the field of supply chain management, we coordinate and optimize value-added and supply chains. From the procurement of raw materials, through production and logistics, to delivery to the customer, we ensure that all processes run smoothly.

Strategic phase

Planning reliability and transparency, disruption avoidance and response time, delivery capability and value creation - these are just some of the parameters that, when viewed holistically, expand your competitive advantage.

In the preceding strategic phase, we analyze the initial situation together with you and identify performance potential.

Tactical phase

In this phase, we work with you to develop processes that optimally align production and purchasing planning with corporate and sales planning along the entire value chain. Performance deficits are identified and eliminated through modified sales, production and purchasing plans.

Smooth production planning and execution, customer satisfaction and increased sales, low inventory costs and knowledge transparency are the focus here.

Operational phase

In particular, the purchasing process and supplier management are causal factors for stable competitiveness. In this phase, we work with you to optimize your purchasing processes and efficiently align your targets, strategies and structures in procurement in order to fully exploit your savings advantages in purchasing.

The holistic view of the purchasing process ensures that the procurement process is optimally designed and mapped in a resource-efficient manner. The implementation of strategies in bottleneck management, a structured procurement organization, cost savings, shortening of lead times, and sound supplier management are the cornerstones of strategic purchasing.

In supplier management, we already support you in the concept development for supplier qualification. Whether you want to qualify new suppliers or benefit from our long-standing partners - the optimization of your supplier relationships is the core process. The high demands of our customers for innovative solutions, for their reliability and for the reliability of our services are the benchmark for our suppliers.

You as the purchaser define the criteria according to your individual requirements, interests and priorities. Standard criteria are price, quality or innovative strength. Depending on the industry and size of the company, the ability to deliver, delivery and payment terms, market share, market and negotiating power or market behavior are also included in the evaluation. PassPlus evaluates the suppliers on the basis of the criteria you specify and thus finds the right supplier for you.

We continuously optimize the cooperation with you and the suppliers in the areas of value creation and further development of products and logistics.

Subventionierende Phase

Even after the implementation of a functioning SCM, we continue to be at your side. Through our PassPlus Digital program, you can contact us quickly and easily and, based on all past findings and processes, identify weaknesses at an early stage and initiate countermeasures.

This gives you the security of being able to identify inefficiencies at an early stage and also to receive quick and easy support (e.g. migration of know-how carriers, spare parts procurement) in the event of delivery problems caused by market changes.

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