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Retrofit by PassPlus

We generally understand the term retrofit to mean the modernization and retrofitting of existing plants and operating equipment. With our digital retrofit, we equip your machines and plants with the latest sensor and communication technology.

Experience of more than 25 years

Well-maintained machines and plants usually have a long service life. The equipment usually works perfectly even after twenty years, but is no longer state of the art. A new acquisition takes a relatively long time and costs correspondingly more money.

A retrofit to a new control system and overhaul of the mechanics is worthwhile in most cases. Through good planning, the plant downtime can be reduced to a minimum and the costs amount to one third of a new acquisition. As a service partner, we look after and support both manufacturers and end customers.

Experts on the move

With a well-planned retrofit, we can help older plants achieve surprisingly high performance. Modern control and drive technology not only increases machine and process reliability, but also efficiency. In all measures, we pay attention to the greatest possible cost-effectiveness. This applies both to the retrofit itself and to the long-term operating costs.

Tailored to your needs

With PassPlus, you get what you need and everything from a single source: from consulting, planning and engineering to comprehensive post-retrofit services. And that worldwide!

Your cooperation partner

PassPlus offers cooperation partnerships for the integration of your controllers, sensors and actuators. Often the customer is convinced by your devices and wants to install them in his existing machines and plants. With PassPlus, you have the added value of not only having your devices at hand, but also the partner who will carry out the integration. In addition to the automation technology, we also take care of the installation and the complete risk assessment.

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