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Machine relocations by PassPlus

To relocate machinery and equipment in the industrial sector, many trades and companies have to work closely together. We have the appropriate partnerships. PassPlus stands by you as a reliable and expert partner when relocating your used machinery and offers you professional assembly or disassembly of the machinery and equipment, including commissioning.


Before relocating your used machine or plant, we take a very close look. In addition to the mechanics and electrics, we also take a close look at the function and the control system. Our analysis shows you whether the relocation is economical and whether we can increase the performance and service life of the machines and systems with a retrofit.


After the analysis, which always takes place on site, we start with the documentation. Each component is checked for up-to-dateness and functionality. Recommendations are made and you immediately get an insight into how the technical condition of the machines and equipment is. Based on the documentation, we prepare a detailed report and discuss it with you.

Retrofit option

With a custom-fit retrofit, we bring your old plant up to the latest state of the art. Together with you, we develop a concept tailored to your needs, which puts the cost and benefit factor first, without disregarding the current guidelines of machine safety.


We take care of the disassembly of the electrical system. During the disassembly we check if the wiring diagram fits to the wiring and if necessary we adjust the wiring diagram. All cables are labeled and protected for transport. The disassembly of the mechanics is taken over by our partner company, which has the necessary know-how here.


Not everyone can transport everything. Here, too, we trust our partners, who have already transported many machines and plants for us. The transport of used machinery and equipment must be coordinated and professionally executed so that everything goes well during transport.


After transport to the new facility, the real work begins. The team that dismantled the machines and equipment also reassembles them at PassPlus.


Finally, we carry out the professional commissioning, test all functions and the safety devices. A DGUV inspection and instruction of your employees is of course also offered.

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