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Electrical assembly by PassPlus

Electrical assembly in the industrial sector requires a high degree of expertise, experience and flexibility. With our know-how, we are the right partner for industrial electrical assembly in mechanical and plant engineering. We can carry out the work on a turnkey basis from PassPlus or to support your team.

Electrical assembly

With our team we offer industrial electrical installations for the complete installation of your machines and equipment. Of course, we can also integrate our employees into your team. We catch your capacity peaks quickly, flexibly and professionally.

Electrical assembly on construction sites

Finding suitable skilled personnel in electrical assembly is not easy. Finding employees who also have a high willingness to travel is insignificantly more difficult. PassPlus has recognized this and our employees are recruited exclusively for electrical assembly at home and abroad and all have the necessary willingness to travel. As a cooperation partner we take over the professional electrical assembly of your machines and plants at the end customer. We can carry out the work independently or with a supervisor provided by you.


We see ourselves as a company that absorbs capacity peaks. Depending on your needs, we provide you with our skilled personnel on a temporary or long-term basis. We know that speed and flexibility are crucial in electrical assembly, in addition to qualifications. For every need we can provide employees with different qualifications. In addition to electricians (senior/junior) who can independently wire machines and equipment, our team also includes electrical helpers who are always available for cable routes and rough installation. Our employees are equipped with professional tools for industrial electrical installation. You decide whether you request senior, junior or helper electricians for your work.


If you are permanently interested in strengthening your own team in electrical assembly, PassPlus offers the possibility of taking over our electrical assemblers. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you want to hire a new employee immediately or continue to monitor the order situation.

Electrical assembly Plus

With our Elektromontage Plus, after successful assembly and insulation measurements, the voltages are switched on, the software is imported into the corresponding controllers and a complete I/O test is carried out. After the I/O test, you can have your employees put the systems and machines into operation.

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